Kids and Teens

It is important for children to develop the habit of regular dental visits, for a lifetime of good oral health. By the age of 13 years most of the permanent teeth, except for the wisdom teeth, should be in. Important dental concerns for children and teens include:

  1. Cavity prevention and treatment - tooth decay is the 2nd most common cause of school absenteeism
  2. Orthodontic needs
  3. Wisdom teeth
  4. Sports guards

Untreated childhood cavities can lead to:

  • pain
  • infection and abscesses
  • adversely affect the development of adult teeth
  • tooth loss, leading to dental crowding or spacing issues
  • chewing problems, malnutrition, and gastrointestinal disorders
  • can affect speech and articulation
  • the risk factors of early childhood caries also contribute to childhood obesity and malnutrition
  • in some patients, dental treatment under general anesthesia may be necessary
  • in serious cases, affects school performance, a child’s ability to thrive, or their sense of self-worth

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